Angling at Ærø

Ærø, with its exciting and varied coasts, provides good conditions for angling. You can catch sea trout, cod, hornfish and flatfish.

Ærø’s coastline is 70 km long and 80-90% is of interest to anglers. From Skjoldnæs lighthouse in the north, Vejsnæs in the south to Eriks Hale in the east, the coast stretches in flat sandy beaches, many exciting reefs, small bays and coves. The varied coast is a good area for sea trout and other fish.

If the wind is too strong from S/W, you can find shelter on the other side of the island. Here the cod is a rare visitor, whereas the sea trout sometimes is even more numerous than on the south side.

The best fish are caught at the northwestern end of Ærø, according to Angler stories.

Find good angling waters at Vistit Ærø.

Angling at the campsite

Søby Strand Camping is ideal for anglers. The campsite is located right next to the Baltic Sea, so it’s easy to go fishing. Our guests have caught many fine fish.

We have have good facilities for cleaning and preparing all the fish you catch, as well as the possibility of freezing the catch.

Use one of our bonfires or barbecue areas at the campsite, and enjoy a good meal with freshly caught fish 🐟

Don’t forget the fresh herbs!